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The Today Show Just Released This Year’s Gift Guide and it’s All STEM

By November 3, 2023No Comments3 min read

Selecting a toy for children is not just about providing entertainment; it’s also an opportunity for them to learn and explore. According to Tovah P. Klein, director of Barnard College Center for Toddler Development, children’s curiosity drives them to engage with toys that promote discovery and problem-solving, such as puzzles, building sets, magnets, and science kits.

This is where STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) toys come into play. They not only offer fun but also impart valuable science and math skills without children realizing they are learning. Amanda Sullivan, senior program director at National Girls Collaborative Project, emphasizes that children learn best through hands-on play, making any toy that encourages fun exploration of STEM concepts beneficial for their development.

However, it’s important to consider a child’s age and developmental stage when choosing STEM toys. Toys appropriate for a two-year-old might focus on basic STEM skills like cause and effect, while a five-year-old could engage with more complex engineering and coding toys.

STEM toys encompass a wide range of options, including building sets, robotics, and coding activities. Even traditional toys like wooden blocks, water tables, sensory bins, and logic-based games can be seen as STEM toys when they stimulate problem-solving, cause-and-effect understanding, and hypothesis-testing.

Here are some STEM toy recommendations:

NSI Smithsonian Microscope Kit: Allows children to explore science by examining objects at a much larger scale.
Thames and Kosmos Hydraulic Boxing Bots: A kit that combines physics with fun, allowing children to build and control battling robots.
Snap Circuits FM Radio Kit: Teaches children how to build their own FM radio, fostering understanding of radio waves and amplifiers.
Abacus Virtual Reality Interactive Book: Offers a virtual reality experience for children to explore dinosaurs and other topics.
Space Rover Deluxe Coding Activities Set: Lets kids code and control a space rover through various challenges.
Magna-Tiles Downhill Duo: A building set for creating racetracks and promoting fine motor skills.
Educational Insights PYXEL A Coder’s Best Friend: Introduces coding concepts through a robotic pet.
LeapFrog Magic Adventures Telescope: A telescope that offers an interactive way to learn about astronomy.
Thames and Kosmos Kai Artificial Intelligence Robot: A coding robot for kids aged 10 and older.
Fun Forts Glow Kids Tent: A fort-building kit that adds a fun twist with glowing components.
Elenco Snap Circuits: An electrical circuit board for hands-on exploration of circuits.
Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set: Magnetic wooden blocks for creative construction and fine motor skill development.
Picasso Tiles 100-Piece 3D Color Magnetic Building Block Set: Geometric building blocks that encourage creativity.
Osmo – Pizza Co. Game: A game that combines entrepreneurship and math skills for kids.
Lakeshore Learning Remote-Control Gear-Bot: A kit to build and control a remote control robot.
Sphero Specdrums: App-enabled musical rings that turn the world into an instrument.
Ramps and Balls Exploration Kit: A wooden set for constructing various tracks and ramps.
Baby Loves Science Board Boxed Set: A set of board books introducing science concepts to babies and toddlers.
In addition to toys, there are STEM-themed books available, such as “What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z,” “100 Easy STEAM Activities,” “The Speed of Starlight,” “American Girl Doll STEM,” and “Baby Loves Science Board Boxed Set,” which are designed to engage young minds in STEM learning through reading.

These STEM toys and books offer a diverse range of options for children to explore and learn while having fun.

Rachel Carter

Rachel Carter is an accomplished author and passionate advocate for the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toys, books, and games. With a keen interest in educational products that spark curiosity and creativity in children, Rachel has dedicated her career to exploring and promoting the best in STEM-related content.

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