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December, 2023 STEAM Toy Staff Pick: The Senser Play Kit by Lovevery

By November 29, 2023December 1st, 2023No Comments6 min read

Why Do We Love the Senser Play Kit by Lovevery?

The Senser Play Kit is a comprehensive developmental tool designed to engage and stimulate your baby’s exploration of the world around them. Available as part of a subscription which ships a new Play Kit every 2 months, this carefully curated set is crafted to enhance various aspects of your baby’s growth. Perfect for tummy time, the Senser Play Kit focuses on developing language skills, strengthening coordination and dexterity, and enhancing both fine and gross motor skills.

Included in the Senser Play Kit are eight thoughtfully chosen items. The Spinning Rainbow encourages the practice of fine motor skills and reaching with both hands simultaneously. The Magic Tissue Box, along with its linkable Magic Tissues, adds an element of exploration as babies delight in pulling tissues out and putting them back in. The Organic Cotton Rainbow Ball, with its easy-to-grasp design, contributes to building dexterity and coordination. The ‘Parts of Me’ Book aids in expanding your baby’s vocabulary by introducing them to the names of different parts of the body. Play Socks, with their playful design, help in discovering and building leg strength, while the Tummy Time Wobbler makes tummy time more enjoyable, simultaneously building core muscle strength for crawling and walking. The Play Guide for Months 5-6 provides valuable insights, expert tips, and at-home activity ideas, making the Senser Play Kit a comprehensive and enriching resource for your baby’s developmental journey.

As parents seek engaging and purposeful tools for their child’s growth, the Senser Play Kit stands out as a holistic solution, fostering a love for exploration and learning during the crucial early months of development. With its carefully selected items and expert-curated play guide, this kit offers a well-rounded approach to nurturing various aspects of a baby’s cognitive and physical development.

A Passion for Stage-Based Development

Lovevery’s mission is to empower parents, inspire children, and create brighter futures through support, guidance, and fun. Every initiative undertaken by Lovevery is dedicated to serving the needs of families. Acknowledging the challenges inherent in parenting and the difficulty in finding reliable sources of information, Lovevery passionately engages in the realm of early childhood development.

Lovevery collaborates with experts to design a methodically curated program of stage-based play, placing a strong emphasis on fostering healthy brain development in children. The company’s dedication is evident in its meticulous attention to detail, as it obsesses over every aspect of the products it creates. Lovevery’s unwavering drive stems from the belief that parents can significantly impact their child’s future by accessing the right tools and information precisely when they need them.

In essence, Lovevery’s commitment to empowering families transcends mere rhetoric, manifesting in a genuine passion for early childhood development and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in the products and resources it provides. Through this dedication, Lovevery endeavors to be a trusted ally for parents on their journey, providing the essential support and resources necessary to nurture healthy, happy children and contribute to the creation of a positive future for families.

Smart Manufacturing

Lovevery takes immense pride in its strict approach to product development. With a dedicated in-house team based in the United States, Lovevery invests time and expertise in researching, designing, and curating each product with a keen eye for quality and child development principles. What sets Lovevery apart is the collaborative nature of its creative process, involving an esteemed advisory board comprised of child development experts who contribute their insights at every stage of product creation.

The commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in Lovevery’s manufacturing practices. Leveraging a widespread network of suppliers across Asia, Lovevery ensures that its products not only meet the highest standards but also adhere to environmentally responsible practices. Of particular note is a cutting-edge factory within this network, powered by an impressive 200,000 square feet of solar energy. This facility stands as a testament to Lovevery’s dedication to reducing its environmental footprint.

Moreover, this innovative factory emerges as one of the largest producers globally of sustainably-harvested wood toys and organic cotton dolls. Lovevery’s emphasis on eco-friendly materials aligns seamlessly with its mission to provide not only exceptional developmental tools for children but also to do so with a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. In essence, Lovevery’s comprehensive approach, from research and design to manufacturing, reflects its unwavering dedication to creating products that not only foster child development but also contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future.

A Marketplace Success

Lovevery  boasts a widespread customer base that spans over 60% of United States zip codes. The impact of Lovevery extends globally, with The Play Kits, the company’s flagship product, garnering the loyalty of more than 360,000 active subscribers in 32 markets worldwide. This expansive network speaks to Lovevery’s ability to resonate with parents and caregivers on a global scale, offering valuable resources for early childhood development.

In terms of financial milestones, Lovevery has achieved remarkable success, surpassing $170 million in subscription Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). This impressive figure underscores the sustained commitment and enthusiasm from a large and growing subscriber base. Furthermore, Lovevery has exceeded $200 million in run-rate revenue, attesting to the company’s ability to not only attract customers but also to consistently deliver quality products and services that resonate with the needs of parents worldwide.

As Lovevery continues to evolve and thrive, these substantial metrics stand as a testament to the company’s enduring impact on the early childhood development landscape, reaffirming its position as a leader in the industry and a trusted partner for parents seeking top-tier resources for their children’s growth and learning.

About the Founder

Passionate about the nutrition and learning of children aged 0-5, Jessica Rolph has dedicated the past 17 years of her career to the realm of early childhood development. As a co-founder of Happy Family, a leading brand in organic baby and toddler food, Jessica has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of nutrition for young children.

Upon becoming a parent, Jessica’s heightened awareness of the significance of nutrition in her child’s development spurred a deeper exploration into early childhood learning. While observing her eldest child engaged with a plastic toy featuring flashing lights, she found herself questioning its impact on cognitive development. This quest for understanding led her to a transformative discovery—a doctoral thesis on infant brain development that reshaped her perspective.

This pivotal moment marked the inception of Lovevery, an idea that Jessica Rolph transformed into reality by teaming up with Rod Morris. Rod, at the time, was contributing his expertise at Opower, an American software company focused on helping families save energy, where he played a key role in leading the team through its IPO. With a friendship spanning over 20 years, Jessica recognized that Rod’s experience in building mission-driven, recurring revenue companies perfectly complemented her own abilities. Together, they embarked on a journey to build Lovevery into a meaningful venture, one poised to assist parents globally in fostering optimal development in their children.

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