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Dating is Social Emotional Learning and Crated with Love Delivers it to Your Doorstep

By November 7, 2023No Comments3 min read

Dating isn’t just about candlelit dinners or movie nights; it’s a journey of exploration, understanding, and social emotional learning. It’s about strengthening the bond between two individuals, which is exactly what the founders of Crated with Love discovered during their own dating journey. Tyler and Michelle, the creators of Crated with Love, turned their own relationship experiences into an innovative business that helps couples prioritize quality time together.

Their story began in a high school ceramics class, but it took a twist of fate to bring them back together after graduation. The early years of their relationship were filled with excitement, as every moment they spent together provided an opportunity to learn something new about each other. But as life’s responsibilities and financial pressures mounted, they found their once-thriving date nights slipping away.

Both Tyler and Michelle were busy pursuing their degrees, with Tyler studying Entrepreneurship and Michelle earning a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. The transition to adulthood, complete with bills and student loans, put their date nights on the backburner. Yet, they knew that consistent, quality time together was the key to maintaining a strong foundation for their relationship.

To address the issue, they committed to dedicating $20 a month to couple time, even creating a dedicated “date night” bank account. Their criteria for date night was simple: it had to be fun, different, and contribute to a more intimate connection. Whether they visited the zoo, tackled DIY projects at home, or indulged in themed movie nights, their focus was always on increasing face time with each other.

Remarkably, this effort worked. Their monthly date nights helped them reconnect, and over time, it became an integral part of their daily lives. They realized that dedicating time to one another, no matter how busy life became, was invaluable.

In 2014, they decided to share their success with others and launched Crated with Love, initially operating out of their apartment. Their mission was clear: to help couples prioritize interaction and fun in their relationships. They aimed to provide easy and enjoyable ways for couples to engage, communicate, and strengthen their bonds.

From the first year, they shipped over 5,000 date packages to couples worldwide, and their business continued to grow. Today, they serve thousands of couples each month across the United States, with at least one Crated Couple in every state. Tyler and Michelle are still the number one Crated Couple, creating and experiencing each themed date together every single month.

Crated with Love’s goal is straightforward: to encourage couples to talk and interact through enjoyable activities. Each date package they create includes games and activities designed not only to bring laughter but also to build stronger marriages and relationships. It’s an innovative approach to social emotional learning that has a lasting impact on couples’ lives.

So, why wait? Join the Crated with Love family, embark on your own date night journey, and discover the transformative power of date nights in building and strengthening your relationship. Whether it’s a zoo visit, a DIY project, or a themed movie night, every moment spent together can be an opportunity for connection and growth. Crated with Love brings the joy of dating back into your life, one themed package at a time.

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